Are you ready to move from overwhelm to feeling calm, motivated and empowered in your soul and life?


  • Are you stuck in overwhelm, procrastination and self-sabotage?
  • Do you put others happiness ahead of your own?
  • Are you tired of pushing and want more flow in your life?
  • Are you finding it difficult to make decisions?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it’s OK, you are not alone! As a matter of fact, I know because I have been there too! I had been too scared to shine my light, worried about what others might think. I needed to dig deep into my shadow to the root cause of my fears and emotional blocks. I also needed to connect to the deeper parts of my soul I did not fully believe in. This has given me the realization of my true nature and that I am a divine spiritual being with unique gifts to share with the world. This is the gift that I want YOU to experience and feel.

Are you ready to move from overwhelm to feeling calm, motivated and aligned in your life in just 6 weeks?!


  • You found the root cause of your overwhelm and cleared it?
  • You were no longer self-sabotaging and were feeling motivated and confident?
  • You were no longer pushing or forcing things to happen but were more magnetic and in flow with life?

Well this is all possible to achieve in just 6 weeks! We dive deep into your energetic blocks and clear them at a Quantum level. You also get to embody your own creation or your unique soul symbol* at the end of the Program.

(*note: soul symbol is an optional extra at a discounted rate when you sign up to this program)


The truth is you can keep procrastinating over your goals and dreams for your life, but they will not just magically happen.
These energetic blocks around fear, sabotage and lack of confidence in yourself, will not go away on their own accord. This inner work needs to be addressed so you can step up and out into your true innate self –  the divine spiritual being that you are, ready to fully embrace life with calm, confidence and motivation.

Introducing The Soulful Transformation Program

Moving from overwhelm to feeling calm, motivated and empowered in your life in just 6 weeks!

The Soulful Transformation Program is a 6-week intensive to assist you to move from overwhelm to feeling calm, confident and empowered in your life. If you are truly ready to break through your obstacles to reach a new level of success, this is for perfectly designed for you.

You will receive:

  • 6 x 1:1 3omin Quantum Consulting sessions using a combination of Forensic Healing and/or Arts Therapy

  • 1 x Embodiment Meditation (Week 6)

  • Clearing physical, emotional and spiritual blocks around your life

  • Optional extra* – 1 x Unique Soul Symbol at discounted rate

After this 6 week program you will have:

  • Shifted your energy so you are calm, confident and motivated

  • Embodied your unique soulful art or soul symbol* (*optional upgrade) in a meditation at the end of the course 

Week 1:  From Fear to Love

  • Find the root cause of your number 1 fear and release it

  • Increase your self-belief and self-love by releasing past trauma

  • Learn tools on how to shift from fear to love

Week 2: Increase Self-Belief + Release Overwhelm

  • Reconnect to your soul so you can shift from overwhelm into empowerment

  • Find the root cause of your overwhelm stemmed from childhood and release it

  • Learn tools on how to remain calm regardless of what is going on externally

Week 3:  Releasing Self-Sabotage

  • Find the root cause of your sabotage and release it

  • Find if you have a pay-off for self-sabotage and release it

Week 4:  Releasing Your Sacrificing Habits

  • Undo any religious programming so you can step into your innate divine power

  • Release your soul from persecution and martyrdom so you can start to put yourself first

  • Release sacrificing habits to enable you to step into empowerment

Week 5:  Step Into Your Power

  • Attune and align your soul to your soul purpose

  • Learn a meditation for soul protection

  • Activate your innate power source

Week 6:  Activate + Embody Abundance

  • Remove soul poverty consciousness traps that keep you in lack

  • Open your soul wealth storage to allow abundance to flow with ease and grace

  • Embody your own soul symbol or the abundance symbol to welcome abundance into your life


  • Anyone stuck in overwhelm feeling unmotivated and uninspired with their life
  • Anyone who is truly ready to transform their life


Hi I’m Deborah, an Intuitive Designer, Qualified Quantum Healer and Holistic Arts Therapist. In 2017 I completed Level 1 + 2 Pellowah and in 2019 I completed Diploma of Forensic Healing and Bluestar Healing Method. More recently, I have also just completed a diploma in HICAT (Holistic Integrative Arts Therapy). My ability to intuitively connect into you stems from my creative and intuitive nature which, although had been present for some time, really opened up in 2017 after completing Pellowah. This is when I started channelling written light language and symbols.

Payment is via PayPal; you can also pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

After purchasing you will be redirected to the registration form, make sure to complete the form so your contact details are in the system. If you have any questions, please email Deb at [email protected]


$777 AUD * paid in full


Upgrade to include your very own unique soul symbol

$1110 AUD


“I have just completed Deb’s 6-week group Soulful Transformation Program. I was amazing at her process and how much we accomplished within those 6 weeks. I feel afresh and have more energy, my confidence level has increased, and many fears have disappeared. I highly recommend this program to anyone who seeks to transform their lives on a deeper level.

Deb is authentic, genuine, and passionate about what she does, her in-depth knowledge in forensic healing and other holistic modalities enables her to identify her clients’ healing needs quickly and accurately; she transforms and reprograms the clients’ erroneous belief systems into positive ones; and empowers them to live life with confidence.

Thank you Deb, much love!”

Li Wang, CreativLi

“The Soulful Transformation Course is true to its name. I have felt the amazing shift in the past 6 weeks. Each week with a different topic however taking each step closer to my higher-self. There were times where I felt the move/change instantly, and there were times where I would not notice anything. Having an open mind and trusting this space was the best thing I did lately for myself. Deb is amazing in what she does, and I felt held and secured in her space.”

Shagun Gondalia

Facts and Questions


  • If you have answered YES to most, if not ALL of the questions above, then this Program is definitely for you. If you are still unsure, feel free to book in a free Discovery Call.