Soulful Art Mastery Workshop

Intuitive Art Training
31st January 2021 10am – 1pm AEST

Are you ready to unleash your intuition and creativity in just 3 hours?!

  • Feeling creatively blocked?
  • Sensing you are disconnected from your intuition?
  • Highly sensitive and not feeling grounded?
  • Judgemental and critical of yourself when it comes to your creativity and art?

We ALL have the capability of being creative and intuitive, yet somewhere along the way we lost our sense of playfulness and have forgotten to ALLOW ourselves to have fun and explore through art.
Are you ready to journey inward and allow yourself time and space to be creative and learn some new skills?
Then come and join me for our first LIVE event of SOULFUL ART MASTERY on Sunday 31st January 2021.

Sunday 31st January 2021.
10am – 1pm AEST, Peacful Hub, Brighton Qld Australia.

Spaces are limited, so lock in your spot to avoid disappointment! Payment is via PayPal; you can also pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

After purchasing you will be redirected to the registration form, make sure to complete the form so you will receive your webinar invitation. If you have any questions, please email Deb at [email protected]

$99 AUD

You will discover

  • How to ground yourself so you are connected to your higher self, Gaia and the higher realms

  • Two simple Muscle Testing techniques

  • How to create a sacred space to bring in your Soulful Art

  • Be confident in creating Soulful Art that comes from the heart not the head

  • How to embody your creation

What will be provided

  • Art paper to draw on
  • Worksheets / handout

  • Light refreshments and herbal teas will be provided 

What to bring along

Pen to write with
Paper, pens, pastels, paint pens, pencils, notebook. Basically any art materials you like to draw with!
Water bottle 
*** Please no paints ***


Her soulful art course is designed to silence the inner critic and allow your authentic voice to shine. It is great fun to put aside your fears and doubts and enter into the creative space and see what unfolds. I really enjoyed taking Deb’s Soulful Art Mastery course, and highly recommend it if you are feeling stuck in your creative process.

Ursula Ramjit

A lovely gentle way to introduce yourself to your inner guidance.

Tunya Sandeman

I feel like my ability to trust myself and draw/paint intuitively has developed into something beautiful and I am so inspired to create more art pieces.

Nova Ward