The universe is always sending you signs. Are you noticing them?!

The other day, I didn’t feel like working. I didn’t feel like doing my “to do” list. I felt like escaping. I needed to connect back to mother nature and to me. So I went and drove down south to my happy places Brunswick Heads and Mullumbimby. It was a perfect day! When I arrived the tide was high, perfect for swimming and there was little wind. So as soon as I got there, I went for two beach swims. One on the surf side then one on the quiet side. There is nothing like mother nature giving you a surf dump for you to help you ground yourself lol!
After that, I went to my favourite place for lunch and then headed to Mullum to the outdoor day spa. At the day spa, I kept noticing the water dragon lizards. I’ve always noticed them, but today was different. Usually they just scuttle on past, but this time, they just stood there still I had to literally walk over them to get into the spa pools. Initially I was scared of them… but they weren’t scared of me. And then I relaxed once I realised they weren’t going anywhere – ha!

That evening, I chatted with dear spiritual friend Karen Stevens, who looked up the symbolic meaning of lizards. She told me that the symbolic meaning for them is internal power. They also have the ability to regenerate lost parts of themselves and this is why they are considered magical. BOOM! My mind was blown.

This is what I have been doing lately. I’ve been working on reconnecting with myself – with ALL parts of myself. With all those facets of my soul I had forgotten about. I have been doing healings regarding past lift trauma and inner child trauma and after this healing I had a huge desire to do some artwork which symbolised reconnecting with my Ancestors (image above).
So, thank you Karen for your wonderful insights and the conversation we had.

The Water Dragon lizards were my sign from the universe that I needed to reconnect into me, all parts of me. Into who I truly am – my soul essence. Reconnecting back to my ancestors, connecting into my guides reconnecting to the spiritual being that I truly am.

So, this is a reminder that there are no coincidences in life. That the universe is always sending you signs, it’s just a matter of living in the moment and aware enough to notice them. Seek and you shall find as they say. And if you need assistance in finding your way back to self or are feeling a little fragmented, then PM me to book in a healing session and let’s connect with the depths of your soul so you can become more aligned with the universe and the signs it is sending you.