Branding Review – $97 AUD (45min)

This 45min Branding Review is to a great opportunity to discuss and review your current branding.   In this 45 min power chat, we first and foremost review how well your current brand design  matches you and your business.  Some recommendations will be made on how to improve your current brand design so you are feeling more confident and energetically aligned to you and what you do.

Book an appointment (45min)

Individual Soul Symbol – $225 AUD

Consists of the following:-

1 x 15min chat to connect
+ 1 x Soul Symbol (provided in PDF format)

We have a 15min chat on Zoom  to connect.  Your symbol may come in during this chat, otherwise Deb  tunes in privately to receive it.  This is then converted to a digital image for you to use as you wish.

Book Soul Symbol (15min)

Intuitive Brand Design – $495 AUD

What is Intuitive Brand Design you ask? It is  basically Graphic Design on steroids ha!  It is where i tune into you and your business at an energetic level and draw what comes through.  This is then converted into a digital logo for your business.

Includes the following:-
1 x 30min consultation to get to know you and your biz
+ Hand sketch of your design for your input/approval
+ Logo design in digital format – pdf, jpeg, png
+ max 1 x change to final logo design
We can provide original working file at an additional cost.

Soul Branding (30min)

Soul Healing – $197 AUD

1 x 90min Soul Healing session+

In this 90min Soul healing session we work at a Quantum level to dive deep into a negative life pattern that is currently playing out for you and we start to clear it. Depending on how complex the condition is, depends on how many pathways may come up to be cleared.   All sessions are done via Zoom/distantly.

Soul Healing