Free Discovery Call

A 30min discovery call to discuss where you are at in your business and life and see if you are ready to transform your life.

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Energetic Branding Review – $99 AUD

In this 30min Branding Review we look at one part of your current branding (i.e. logo design or facebook banner or website banner) and see how aligned it is to you and your business.  Sometimes we evolve in our business but our branding remains the same.  Other times our branding does not match our personality and what our business does.  After this 30min power session you will:-

  • Have tips and tricks on how to improve your current brand design
  • Feeling more confident that your branding is a true reflection of you and your business
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Quantum Healing Session

A 90min Quantum Healing Session using Forensic Healing. In this session we find the root cause of a current condition and clear it. Working in the Quantum is a 3 way dance between client, myself and spirit. Your openness and willingness to go where neccessary is an important factor in how powerful the session can be.

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Energetic Branding Alignment Program – $1297 AUD

The Energetic Branding Alignment Program is where energy alignment and soulful branding meet.  It is a 6-week intensive for Spiritual Entrepreneurs who are ready to move from overwhelm to feeling fearless, confident and aligned in their business and branding.  If you have just started your business or maybe you’ve been in business for a while and need help to break through obstacles to reach a new level of success, this is for you!

Book in a free 30min Discovery Call to see if we are a good fit and if you are ready for this transformation.

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