My life has turned out nothing like I thought it would. I imagined I would be married with kids living in the white picket fence house and running a successful interior design business. And here I am, a single mother, having studied healing modalities, building a spiritual business and living a spiritual path.

And then I consider that the picture of what I thought my life would be, was perhaps a picture programmed into me, thinking that was a “normal” life to live and something to aspire to. And I look back on the past few years and think about how far I have come and how I have challenged myself to grow and become the best version of me.

It’s a constant work in progress. And I feel I have so much still to learn. But I know I am living my own path and not someone else’s, nor what society generally thinks or says I should do. I guess I always had that rebel side to me. I was always the black sheep. And I coped the bullying for it at school. And as an adult my light was often dimmed by being loud and a little outrageous. Or I was told to observe my behaviour which had its pluses and minuses. Because that is when I started to dim my light and hide that fun side and shut it down. Because others couldn’t handle it. And I forgot who I was. And I conformed. And I lost that spark and that rebel child. And in the process, I conformed. I lost myself and my drive for life. And when I finally let go of the things that were just there because they were comfortable and known, then I had to rediscover myself. I had to dig deep and try and find that spark that was long lost. That was the start of my healing journey and journey to self.

What unfolded and kicked in, was guidance to cracking myself wide open. I ended up studying Pellowah Healing Technique which opened the door to me becoming connected to source energy and receiving symbols. I found that spark. This created a passion inside me that could not be ignored. I knew that Kitchens and Bathrooms just didn’t excite me anymore and there was so much more meaning to life than making spaces look pretty. I had a deeper purpose for this life and healing myself and others was the path I unknowingly was on. Then came Forensic Healing and Bluestar Healing Method. And now, I think I am done with the healing modalities. I feel I have the tools to work on myself when needed. And I am also fortunate to have some wonderful Spiritual friends to lean on when I can not figure out my own shit, as often it seems harder to heal yourself than others.

But enough about me…. What I want to share is more the moral of the story. Which is you can’t expect to grow and evolve as a human being if you just stay stuck doing the same thing day in day out. We need to step outside of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves if we want to move forward. Change can be scary and that is often why people stay stuck miserable or comfortable in their jobs or relationships for years on end. But we are not designed to stay stuck….we are designed to evolve and grow. So, what one small thing are you going to challenge yourself to do that will take you towards transforming you?! What one small thing can you do today to work towards your dreams? And make sure it’s YOUR dream and not someone else’s!

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