Are you a Spiritual Entrepreneur, Healer or Woman on a spiritual journey looking for clarity and guidance in your life? 

Discover the power of auras and chakras in our unique oracle training program!


  • Are you stuck in overwhelm, procrastination and self-sabotage?

  • Are you looking for direction and clarity in your life?

  • Are you keen to learn a new tool that can earn you a side income?

Introducing the Aura + Chakra Oracle Training Program

Where you learn to TRUST yourself and your INTUITION

The Aura and Chakra Oracle training is designed for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Healers or individuals on a spiritual quest who are looking to tap into their intuition, trust themselves more and gain more motivation and direction in their lives. As an added bonus, you gain a new tool that can earn you a side income!


  • Gain deeper insights into Auras and Chakras

  • Learn two simple muscle testing techniques

  • Learn how to do Aura + Chakra Oracle Readings using Symbol for the Souls unique deck

  • Learn how to use symbols to shift your energy

  • Learn a tool that can earn you extra income!


Thanks for finding your way here. There are no accidents in life, so take this as a sign from Spirit!
Hi I’m Deb, a Qualified Quantum Consultant, Designer and Holistic Integrative Creative Arts Therapist. My spiritual journey started in 2017 when I was guided to study Pellowah, a quantum modality that activates the 12 strands of DNA. That was the catalyst that opened me up to channeling my own symbols which has become an undeniable passion. In 2019 I studied Forensic Healing and Bluestar Healing Method (another Quantum modality). Then in 2021 I completed HICAT (Holistic Integrative Creative Arts Therapy). My passion is now teaching women (and the occassional man if they are willing haha) how to TRUST themselves more, whether that is through intuitive arts therapy or learning how to do aura and chakra oracle readings.

Payment is via PayPal; you can also pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

After purchasing you will be sent an email with all the details for the program. Please check your SPAM folder. If you do not receive an email, please contact us at [email protected]

$555 AUD