Hey Beautiful, thanks for finding your way here.  There are no accidents in life, so you are here for a reason.  I’m Deb Flanagan, a qualified Interior Designer and Healer in a range of modalities,  taking a side step into textile design, brand design and healing.  I help businesses elevate their brand and themselves through spiritual decor, intuitive brand design and healing.  There are two types of symbols:- Universal, which are for everyone (which is our base range of products) or Customised, which are for individuals or businesses.  

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  • Are you a Business Owner or Alternative Health Clinic who is looking to amplify the energy of your business?
  • Do you want brand design that comes from your heart and soul and communicates in a professional way, helping you attract your soul mate clients?

  • Are you called to evolve within yourself and your business and want support to do just that?

At Symbols for the Soul we value authenticity and uniqueness.  We care about you and what you represent in business.  Our promise to you is that we understand YOU and what you DO at a deep soul level and your unique intuitive brand design is a symbolic representation of that.

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Deb Flanagan completed Bachelor of Built Environment majoring in Interior Design in 1999.  She has had 20+ years experience in the design industry which has put her in good stead for design knowledge and skills which has fed into her Graphic and Textile Design.  In 2017 she completed Level 1 + 2 Pellowah and in 2019 she has completed Diploma of Forensic Healing and Bluestar Healing Method.  Her ability to intuitively connect into you and your business stemmed from her creative and intuitive nature which although may have been present for some time, really opened up in 2017 after completing Pellowah, when she started channelling written light language and symbols.

If you’re ready to start sharing your gifts with the world and stop hiding them… then let’s also create a unique brand design that speaks volumes about YOU and WHAT YOU DO.  One that will inspire you to be the best version of you and one that attracts your ideal clients to you. Contact Deb for a consultation today! 

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